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Intuitively Chosen LLC

Sunshine and Honey Shimmering body oil

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What it is- A carefully blended head to toe body oil

What it does - crafted to give you a sun kissed glow, moisturized skin and head turning gentle fragrance that lasts ALL DAY.


The details - If you could bottle up that feeling of a sun kissed tan after a long day at the beach. This would be it. Jasmine , Vanilla and White tea United together into a Golden bottle of heaven. 

What’s REALLY in it? - Almond, jojoba and sunflower oil are the nourishing oil combination in this 1oz bottle of gold. Jasmine, Vanilla & white tea High quality Essential oils. Mica powder to give you a little sparkle ✨.

 * Pair it with the Sunshine and honey body oil for even longer lasting moisture and glow *