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Self Love Bath Ritual Kit

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 Sometimes we don’t take enough time out for ourselves. And that is one of the biggest set backs in a spiritual journey. This Ritual kit is put together with everything you need to feel good, release negative emotions , and charge up your heart chakra. 

indulge yourself in salts,oils and flowers delicately hand blended blended without any fillers, alcohols, harsh chemicals or artificial colors. 


Pure . Love . Bliss. 





What’s inside?

Hand crafted herbal bath salt tube (good for 2 baths) 

Hand wrapped white sage bundle

Palo Santo 

Hand infused rose oil 

Raw Rose quartz Crystal 

Medium Sized Abalone Shell



* We cannot  make any medical claims to cure or prevent any diseases or illnesses. All statements made on metaphysical products are based on faith and should never be a substitute for medical care*