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Intuitively Chosen

Prosperity Oil

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Let’s Manifest Prosperity & Abundance ! 

I blended this oil with sacred herbs widely used in abundance rituals 

This oil is blended to draw abundance, wealth, prosperity, new business opportunities, windfalls, and success in business. 

Use this oil to anoint a bill you always keep in your wallet -- don't spend that bill unless you have to.

- anoint your wallet, credit card so money spent comes back to you.
-place  one drop in the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together vigorously, and visualizing succeeding in your goals.

-Use this oil to anoint a green candle you burn as part of a abundance ritual
Use this Oil to meditate on any success you want to achieve.
*Be sure to speak your intention as you apply. Intention is everything and the real magic truly comes from within you.
* Be patient, wait at least one full moon cycle for results. Believe it's going to happen. Because it will.

I make all oils skin safe with top-quality Essential Oils, Carrier oils and Herbs.
I do not use any fragrance Oils whatsoever for products. I hand make each  oil, hand-blended in small batches at a time.
This oil is steeped in a base of either grapeseed, sweet almond, and/or vitamin E oil. 


* We cannot  make any medical claims to cure or prevent any diseases or illnesses. We cannot guarantee payment from any source using our products.All statements made on metaphysical products are based on faith and should never be a substitute for medical care*