Starting Your Spiritual Journey - but how?

Starting Your Spiritual Journey - but how?

Lately, as I start to join the social media community again, I have gotten hundreds of messages asking me how do I do it? What did I buy? Where did I start?

and honestly, I couldn't sit down and give you a play-by-play of how to start your own spiritual journey. 

It all starts within you.


But that's really the truth!

You need to go within.

yeah, shiny crystals and the smell of burning sage does make you feel like your doing something. It feels "earthly". But that isn't what gets the change going within you..

The tools that I sell on INTUITIVELY CHOSEN, are just that. Tools.

I started out with what I felt I needed to work on internally.

Self love. Quite frankly... I did not have much of that within me. I always felt the need to be validated by friends.. family.. and the on and off again "boyfriend". I couldn't look in the mirror without wanting to change something about myself.

So I scripted, meditated, and doused myself in rose quartz and selenite. I also made sure to look myself in the mirror daily. And repeated the same affirmations

I am beautiful

I am strong

I am worthy

I am glowing

I am loved

I love myself

I said the affirmations until I started walking within my words. Meaning I believed them. I knew they were true. I infact am beautiful,strong,worthy,glowing,loved and i do love myself.

So I encourage you to look within. Start with what is one of your biggest weaknesses. 

and run with it.