TOP 3 Starter Books For Starting Your Journey

TOP 3 Starter Books For Starting Your Journey



One thing I thought I wanted along my journey with spirituality, Was guidance from a "GURU"

And I'm not talking about the "buy my course if you want to open your third eye and see all" modern mystic. I wanted someone that went through the ropes. Someone who started off knowing NOTHING and evolved into a person with purpose. 

But in this day and age, we can't ever seek out advice without these "gurus" trying to sell us some $100 course for advice we could have found on WIKIPEDIA.

And the harsh reality is, there isn't someone.

Yeah, sure you can watch Tik Tok videos of the aesthetic girls with the picture-perfect life and swear by the pyrite crystal that brought them so much abundance.

Or even the "it girls" that wake up just to put up their camera to pretend to wake up on the video and have everything organized before even wiping the crust out of their eyes.

My advice for you, is to not look for someone. Look within yourself. Gain your own knowledge. Because knowledge is power right?

"Don't be too hard on yourself. One particularly damaging belief is the idea that we have to be better than we actually ARE. In order to be loveable."(Jonathan Aslay - What the heck is Self-Love Anyway?)

If your lost, don't know where to start and are currently at the stage of buying crystals and running them through your sage smoke and thinking that its not making any difference at all- these are for you.

I've Created a TOP 3 get you started books that genuinely HELP make the process more. To gain knowledge not only on yourself but the parts of this experience we call life.


- Shanese




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What The Heck Is Self Love Anyway? - A warm, down to earth author who really has a grasp on our Ego's.



The Buddha And The Badass - Have You Ever Noticed How Some People Have All the Luck at Work? They generate ideas on the fly. They magnetically attract the right people. When they do business, it's about win-win. And one of the most unique qualities they seem to have is remarkable luck. Things just go easy for them. It seems like the Universe bends in their favor. This book is about how to join them.


Purposeful ProspectivesIf you are ready to get unstuck from the beliefs, attitudes & fears that hold your hopes of happiness and self-acceptance hostage to an old narrative that no longer serves the woman you desire to become, now is the time! and THIS is the book.This book includes tips and practical strategies to help you:

Navigate the rough waters of change with more authority

Approach self-criticism and empower your way to self-love

Achieve emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health

Become unified, aligned, and whole

PLUS! It comes with a companion Journal.